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During the summer season we will do lots of loads of laundry for our guests. We do not ask for payment, however you could donate the cost to our “Save the Kiwi” fund and by the end of the season we will donate this money to help in the quest to save our native namesake.

Hahei Horizon Helping to Save the Kiwi - Your Donation will Help


Thanks to the support of people like us, and the efforts of our incredible kiwi conservation groups all over New Zealand, we can take kiwi from endangered to everywhere.
Our donation will help expand protected kiwi areas, where predator control gives both young and adult birds a much better chance of survival. Thank you.


$100 – Protect one kiwi
$100 could provide predator control over 10ha for an entire year – enough to protect a kiwi.

$30 – One trap
$30 could buy a trap to support predator control in kiwi habitat.

$50 – Kiwi health check
$50 could ensure a kiwi chick hatched in captivity is in perfect health before it is released back to the wild.

$75 – Stop a roaming dog
Dogs are the number one threat to adult kiwi, and a roaming dog can virtually wipe out a population in a short period of time. $75 is enough to protect a kiwi from a roaming dog using kiwi avoidance training.

Operation Nest Egg is a fantastic way to boost kiwi numbers and will be a key programme over the next few years. The first step is to track the male kiwi to identify when he’s sitting on an egg. $350 could buy a transmitter to help us do this.

$1,200 – Support an Operation Nest Egg chick for its first year of life
These chicks have a 65% chance of survival, compared to 5% if hatched in unprotected areas. A donation of $1,200 could cover all of the nest monitoring, transmitter and monthly checks for a chick for an entire year.

A worthy outcome from a load of dirty clothes.